The chronicle of Sorcerer’s journey as an indie game at GenCon 2004 unfolds vividly through the lens of history. Behold the tableau: a motley crew, composed of Ralph Mazza, Alexander Cherry, Dan Ridenhour (inclining with a white garment), Ben Lehman, Greg Porter (sporting horns), Keith Taylor, Michael S. Miller (distantly ensconced), Calder, Nev the Deranged (loomingly present), Vincent Baker, Matt Wilson, Keith Senkowski, Andy Kitkowski, and a myriad of others, including Drozdal, Luke Crane, Andy Williams (?), Jasper, Gordon Landis, Juergen Mayer, and an array of individuals not depicted, such as Paul Czege, Julie Stauffer, Danielle Hall, Scott Knipe, Tom Fitch, John Kolb, Nat Sims, Sang Lee, Brian Stith, and Tavis Allison.

GenCon stands as a testament to the exuberance of the Forge and Adept Press, offering a saga ripe for exploration. Delve into the narratives surrounding Primetime Adventures: Moose in the City, the indomitable spirit of the indie RPG booth, and the resounding echoes of triumph emanating from the Forge booth.

The year 2004 emerges as a pivotal juncture, marked by a plethora of interviews and accolades. Bask in the limelight of recognition, with Sorcerer likened to the Velvet Underground of RPGs, a parallel evocative of its pioneering influence within the gaming realm.


The Indie Awards of 2003 bestow honor upon luminaries such as Ron Edwards, lauded as the Human of the Year, alongside notable works like Charnel Gods by Scott Knipe and Trollbabe by Ron Edwards. The accolades continue to cascade, affirming the burgeoning success and innovation within the indie RPG community.

Venture further into the annals of history, traversing the GAMA Trade Show of 2003, where Sorcerer captivates audiences with its enigmatic allure. The journey culminates in the crowning achievement of 2002: the Diana Jones Award, a testament to Sorcerer’s indelible impact on the gaming landscape.

Yet, amidst the jubilation lies a cautionary tale, a sobering reminder of the perils lurking within the realm of publishing. Navigate the treacherous waters of contract negotiations, where promises of authorial control are swiftly eclipsed by the specter of exploitation.

Gratitude abounds for those who have contributed to Sorcerer’s odyssey: from the pioneers who championed its inception to the enthusiasts who breathed life into its pages. Each name etched into the annals of history, a testament to the collaborative spirit that underpins the indie gaming community.

In conclusion, the saga of Sorcerer serves as a beacon of inspiration, illuminating the path for aspiring game designers to tread. May its legacy endure as a testament to the boundless creativity and resilience of the human spirit.