What is Sorcerer?

In the realm of enchantment, who embodies the essence of a sorcerer? Enter the innocent maiden, a mere speck in the grand tapestry of existence. However, the portrayal of magic in contemporary fantasy literature seems to have taken a turn towards the overly benign. Indeed, wizards are often depicted as melancholic figures uttering enigmatic phrases, or as ordinary individuals tending to felines or advocating for societal change. But what became of the sinister allure of Maleficent, the enigmatic Elric, or those enrobed figures of darkness who brandished curved blades and swore allegiance to Set? Where, indeed, has the archetype of the sorcerer as a cosmic renegade vanished to?

What seems to be lacking is the quintessential sorcerer figure who, devoid of any innate magical abilities, relies solely on their cunning intellect. Devoid of spells, powers, or supernatural senses, such a figure possesses only the knowledge of how to conjure and enslave demons, those elusive entities of unknown origin.

What is Sorcerer?

These demons, possessing a myriad of capabilities, can be harnessed by the sorcerer in various ways: either bound within their own corporeal vessel, implanted into the bodies of others, or dispatched directly towards adversaries or objectives. Furthermore, these entities are not immune to manipulation; a demon bound by one’s own hand proves more tractable, whereas one bound by another presents a greater challenge. Indeed, it is not inconceivable that a demon once engaged in battle may one day serve its former adversary.

In this intricate game, the notion of “magic” is relegated to mere charlatanism: a fantastical facade concealing deceit and chicanery. Instead, the focus lies on the individual – an ordinary mortal who possesses the knowledge and acumen to summon and enslave entities of terror and lunacy for their own personal ends.

The question that looms large: are you prepared to confront the consequences of such power?