Artist misname

In the initial printing of Sorcerer, Gary Simpson, also known as “hive,” was erroneously credited as “Gary Thompson” throughout the book. I extend my apologies for this oversight.

Rules corrections

  • Page 44: A sorcerer may endeavor a Humanity gain roll upon Banishing a demon with Power exceeding his or her HUMANITY, not Will. Refer to p. 87 for the accurate rule (Banish).
  • Page 49: Passers possess the Cover ability, whereas Possessors may or may not. Regardless, this ability contributes to the demon’s Lore total. The sole ability not factored into its Lore total is the “passive Cloak” characteristic of Inconspicuous demons.
  • Page 87: The final sentence of the Summoning section should state: “If it involves human sacrifice, the Humanity check is rolled against the victim’s Humanity rather than the sorcerer’s own score.”
  • Page 92: When A rolls 10 10 8 7 7 5 and B rolls 10 5 5 5, A emerges victorious with four victories, not one.
  • Page 96, last paragraph: Fragg’s roll incorporates four dice, not three. 5 – 1 + 1 – 1 equals 4.
  • Page 102: To discern the demon’s Telltale, Fenster must roll Lore versus the demon’s Cover, as delineated on page 48. The reference to (10-Power) is outdated.

Please consult the corrected information for accurate understanding and application of the game’s mechanics.