Sorcerer, at its core, embodies the essence of desire and danger intertwined. No sorcerer undertakes the summoning and binding of a demon without a profound longing driving their actions. As demons possess cunning and agendas of their own, each player-character serves as a dramatic fulcrum, teetering on the edge of peril. Can their desires be attained before the looming threat becomes insurmountable? Is the pursuit of their goals worth the potential cost?

The concept of harnessing power from perilous, sentient entities resonates across diverse cultures and mythologies, and Sorcerer serves as a conduit to magnify this fundamental premise.

The Mechanics

Sorcerer operates on a dice-based system, wherein the specific type of die used is inconsequential, so long as uniformity is maintained. Players roll a number of dice corresponding to their character’s relevant attribute (e.g., Will) and select the highest value as the outcome. This result is juxtaposed against an opposing roll (e.g., the demon’s Will). All adjustments to rolls are made in terms of adding or subtracting dice prior to rolling. Players are not confined to their character sheets’ numerical values; rather, they can augment their chances through strategic roleplaying and tactical acumen.

Rather than striving for verisimilitude, the system prioritizes engrossing conflicts, unpredictable plot twists, and decisive resolutions. There are no ad hoc rules or patchwork solutions—every facet of the system seamlessly interlocks. Extensive playtesting across diverse storylines, settings, and approaches to demonic magic has refined the rules to their current iteration.


Sorcerer bears resemblance to several RPGs in certain aspects:

  1. Over the Edge: Embraces a laissez-faire approach to character creation.
  2. Cyberpunk: Explores the theme of characters grappling with the erosion of their identities, coupled with uncompromising combat mechanics.
  3. The Whispering Vault: Adopts a straightforward, episodic narrative structure centered on storytelling.
  4. Prince Valiant: Exhibits a streamlined and enjoyable gameplay experience.

Conversely, Sorcerer diverges significantly from RPGs such as Mage, GURPS, Rifts, Rolemaster, and The Apprentice.

For those curious to delve into the game’s mechanics, a basic version of Sorcerer is available for download in PDF format. However, while some find this document to be a suitable introduction, others argue that it lacks the immersive atmosphere, potency, and inventiveness inherent in the full rules. A word of caution: while the combat rules in the basic version are serviceable, they do not offer the same depth and nuance as those found in the comprehensive rulebook.