Is this some kind of satanist tripe?

Absolutely not. The concept of sorcerers and demons is deeply rooted in ancient mythology and modern fiction alike. In Sorcerer, the sorcerer character commands demons but does not worship them.

What is unique about the game?

Sorcerer’s magic engenders dynamic and intense storylines. Unlike many roleplaying games where a failed magic attempt results in mere frustration, in Sorcerer, it leads to consequences—demons may disobey or carry out commands in unintended ways. There’s no such thing as “nothing happens.”

Additionally, any character can attempt any sorcerous ritual on any demon, with success contingent upon their competence from the outset of the game.

I heard Sorcerer has no setting. Is that true?

Not entirely. Sorcerer furnishes a framework for tailoring a modern-day setting to suit your preferences. While it doesn’t supply a fully fleshed-out background, it equips you with the tools to swiftly craft your own. However, Sorcerer lacks a metaplot (an overarching storyline provided by the game author), which may have led to this misconception.

Is the game supported?


Certainly. Three supplements—Sorcerer & Sword, The Sorcerer’s Soul, and Sex & Sorcery—are readily available. Additionally, numerous mini-supplements are accessible, with more in the pipeline. Explore the Buy Sorcerer section of the website for detailed descriptions of all supplemental materials.

Is this an “adult” game?

While some illustrations may approach an R rating, Sorcerer is not geared towards those seeking explicit or pornographic content. However, it does delve into mature themes and requires a mature approach from all participants. The system affords the flexibility for your game to explore a wide range of topics.

Why should I play this game?

Sorcerer prompts exploration of intriguing questions without imposing barriers to answering them. Its rules are intuitive and robust, striking a balance between simplicity and depth. Moreover, players benefit from direct interaction with the designer and unparalleled support for their gameplay experiences—a level of engagement unprecedented in the realm of role-playing.